Sex n' Violence

Poor Donkey. :( And poor me -  I'll search the internets for interspecies animal sex so you don't have to - and trust me, you don't want to.

But, to the point: Sex and violence - all animal behaviors (including humans) fits into the two categories of sex or violence, and in fact violence is but a subset of the only true category: Sex. Quite simply, we are here to reproduce our genes, and anything else is inconsequential to the genes. The acts leading up to reproduction will be filled with violence or simulated violence, as the genetic testing ground dictates. Think of rams slamming each other in the head, all for the ladies.

But we are not our genes, right? And we, as humans, have the ability to break out of these biological/genetic categories. Right?

I actually don't think so - we only fool ourselves. For instance, and but one example of an infinite amount of examples, I could state that the entire history of the Monte Carlo Super Sport is about sex, and subsequently, violence. Prove me wrong!


l.e.s.ter said...

Montes with or without Truck Nutz?

Redshirt said...

Truck Nutz would make it more explicit. But the principle's the same. What girl would not dig a guy driving a Monte SS? No sane girl, fer sure.

3hree said...

excuse my vernac but that giraffe got himself quite a piece of ass

Redshirt said...

LOL! It's funny because it's true. And damnit! Why didn't I use an Ass joke in the post!