Another Life Brutha

A great episode last night. Really loved it. Big time boost to my working theory of: The ghosts that Hurley talks to are not really ghosts, but people from the Alt-Dimension. They have an agenda and a seeming mission, so all along I've thought that either, A. They are fake ghosts, like the Smoke Monster can assume the forms of people and pretend to be them, or B. Somehow these ghosts are collaborating to get Hurley to do stuff, or C. They are from some other reality.

Does the Charley in the above picture look similar enough to the Charlie we saw in the Alt dimension last night? I think so.

Apropos perhaps of nothing, this is what Hurley was painting when he was visited by Ghost-Alt Charlie:
I'm still waiting - hoping - for some old time Egyptian flashbacks, and if it happens I bet this painting plays a part.

Also, perhaps apropos of nothing, this is the mural Desmond painted in the Hatch - the hatch which seems more critical than ever to me now:
Kinda cool Desmond was given a button to push last night.

More later, perhaps, but it seems more than obvious now that these two realities will merge in some fashion, and that will be our climax or close to it. Desmond will obviously be the key to this merger.

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