A New Hope (cont.)

There's about 16 ways I could go with this pic - it's rich. Ten space-internet credits to the person who can can guess what's coming next, based on this picture.

While you play that game, distracted (distraction is a mighty weapon), I will say Obama IS our only hope. If he can't pull us through this insanity, then we might very well be doomed - we might become the truly crazy religious dictatorship armed to the teeth, also with more nukes than anyone. How would you feel if Sarah Palin had the Button? 

Crazy periods come and go - they tend to burn out one way or another - so it is but a matter of time before some semblance of sanity is regained. The only question is, how much will we lose before we get there?

Tune in to find out. And maybe root for Barry to pull it through, for all of us, yeah?

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