Unending War

I was a bit taken back last night as to the general response to Obama's speech regarding AfPak. First, I've mostly turned off all forms of MSM since the election (I'm lovin' it!), but tuned in last night to see what they had to say. "EVEN LIBERAL MSNBC" was appalling - Chris Mathews claimed Obama visited "Enemy Camp". WTF? He's freakin' C-i-C.

Second surprise, to me, out of nowhere, are Obama supporters turning on him. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot people? Have you learned nothing over the last 8 years? Are some of you so single issue that you have no vision to the larger picture?

Which is: Like it or not, we have committed to war. We have ruined countries over false dogma and lies. We could simply leave, but this would in fact leave the region, and the world, in chaos. So, what Obama proposed last night was to thread the needle - "surge" of forces (key! Both military and diplomatic) coupled with training, coupled with efforts in Pakistan, and give it 18 months to see what happens. Nothing? Great, time to leave. 

Yes, people will die because of this. But people are dying today, and yesterday, and will die there tomorrow, whether we are there or not.

No, America should not be the world's policeman. But, no one else can come close to fulfilling the role. We broke all the vases, time to fix them as best we can.

Most importantly to me, however, is Obama himself. He's a real leader, sober, wise, intelligent, compassionate. He's been given one of the biggest shit sandwiches any President has had to inherit. There will be lots of tough choices in the days to come. Let us all give thanks we have a wise man in the office to make them.

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