Still Fighting

Once again, if you had only watched our terrible American media this weekend (all of them - I'm not singling out Fox on this, though of course Fox is by far the worst of the bunch), you would have learned little about the amazing developments in Iran. To wit: The protests continue, but wider spread, and the protesters have really started fighting back. Instead, you would have learned very little about the Underwear Bomber, though you would have heard alot of noise about him. But, hard questions were asked, like "Should Obama be on vacation?" etc.

What is happening in Iran is historic; the underwear bomber is nothing. And yet, here we are.

Enthralled, captured, to a media that is purposefully stoking fears, for ratings, purposely not covering real news (ratings), engaging in mass disinformation that I wonder, at times, if this can be chocked up to actual, intentional malice, or the usual collections of greed and ignorance.

Regardless, remember the real news here: The Iranians are poised to overthrow their government, and this will be but the first domino in a social revolution across the Islamic World, and thus the entire world. Here's the proof:

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