Ancient J-Lo

Hubba hubba! But seriously, amazing artwork from circa 4050 BC - long time ago. It always inspires me, for some reason, to reflect on the people alive back then, and even in far more ancient times. They were just like you and me, not some savage cave beasts. Yes, they were probably missing a lot of teeth, and their hygiene would be considered poor by today's standards, but heck -- have you been to rural America? We're not that far removed. 

But more to the point, these folks in our very brief species' history - 200,000 years or so - were just like you and me. Same bodies, same minds, same souls. They just did not have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

Also interesting to note that our modern human societies are even much, much younger. I consider the dawn of writing to also be the dawn of modern mankind - and as such, this statue is right from that time frame. So, consider this for a moment: It has only been in the last 6000 years or so that humans have developed everything you see around you. Before that, we really we're not that different than other human species, or frankly, even monkeys. Writing, or, more specifically, the ability to store information outside of our bodies, was the key to everything. And we are still in the ever evolving wave of this major development.

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