Surreal Landscape

I wish I knew who to attribute this art to, but I don't. Randomly found in the great haystack that is the Interweb. It's wonderful. Also, a somewhat accurate representation of inside my head. It is a landscape, if you look closely enough.

This makes me think about the issues of attribution. To be clear, the vast majority of pictures I post here are not mine - pretty much only the travel pics with corresponding date. In many cases, I do not know the creator of these photos; in some cases I do, but can't be bothered to properly attribute - news photos, for example, or astronomy pics from Hubble. I'm claiming fair use, but I would never claim ownership of anything that I myself did not create. I would hope that, by whatever small degree, I can contribute to the spread of these photos on the web - go forth, puking grandma, and  prosper.

This issue - attribution - is a real thorny subject on the internet. I would say the only way to ensure attribution of photographs is to stamp them. Writing, on the other hand, has no easy protection. One reason I would be very skeptical of publishing any serious writing on this blog, or anywhere on the internet. Also, the anonymous mocking.

So, enjoy this fluff!

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