Never Give Up!

Due to comi-tragic circumstances, I'm all philosophical this Monday morning. To wit:

Our spirtual, mystical task on this planet is to simply align our inner states. That's it. Acceptance and adaptation, in other words, to external events. For, external events might be changeable in the small terms, but in the big picture, they are not. The laws of nature over-ride any apparent free will. 

So, accept this reality, and align yourself to it. You'll be better in the long run, by far. More successful too.

But it takes some doing. You have to unlearn so much of what you know. You must give up or never seek so much of what others around you strive for, give their lives up for. Attachments - all of them - must be lost.

It's hard though, make no mistake. So, often, it's good to practice with things that are obviously not that important. Like your Fantasy Football team, like even though it's clearly the best team in the league, and you have WAY more points than any other team in the league, due to nothing more than BAD LUCK, you're not making the playoffs, and there's nothing you can do about it.


(Let it go: learn to love losing)

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