I'm going to beat the crowds by a couple of weeks: While we suffer through the vomitous waves of Xmas ads, be prepared for a refreshing break on 12/26, followed swiftly thereafter with the insufferable "Year in Review" filler for the final week of 2009.

What I'm interested in are naming conventions: Are we all going to say "Two Thousand And Ten", or "Twenty Ten"? 

I'm betting the latter, though it will require a break from the last 10 years.

Finally, can you believe it's going to be 2010? Seems crazy.


l.e.s.ter said...

I have already caught myself a couple of times awkwardly starting off with "two-thousand" before realizing I'm talking about 2010 (WTF??!) and changing in mid-speak to "twenty-ten." It will be twenty-ten -- goodbye to "two-thousand," except in the pastest of past tenses?

Redshirt said...


They didn't have this problem in 1909.