Tasteless 9/11 humour

I love 9/11 humour. I'm weird like that - I've got a pretty fatalistic look on life in general, being a Redshirt and all, so I tend to like gallows humour. However! I do not believe my enjoyment of 9/11 humour has anything to do with the death and the tragedy of that day, but rather the Repuglicans deification of it as a weapon of fear and control. The Bush Admin et al shamelessly milked this terrorist attack in so many ways - militarily, culturally, politically, across the board.

The Legions of Screeching Monkies shouted down anyone who would dare question the course of action the Repuglicans took us on - war, massive debt, crippling infrastructure, fractured diplomatic relations across the world. And now Obama has to fix it all, which he will.

But the spell of terror has been broken -- I remember watching a Family Guy a couple of years ago and they made a terrific 9/11 joke that had me in stitches. Once you can laugh at something, you no longer fear it. And there is NO reason we should fear a terrorist attack. Fear, after all, is the goal of terrorism - so why would you want to give in to it?

So laugh. Laugh at the absurdity that is our existence on this fragile rock. It's always funny when you think deeply about it.

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