Biosphere 2

Apologies, dear Readers, for my absence. I have been out in the deserts of Arizona, fulfilling various duties, both personal and familial. But none of that matters, as I have seen the future, and that future is BIOSPHERE! Toured the facility and absolutely loved it. Highly recommended if you are a nerd or a horticulturist. And to correct some common misconceptions: The original biosphere experiment, which involved completely sealing 8 people into the Biosphere for 2 years, was a complete success. They didn't live as well as they hoped, but they made it. Also, they had monkies, which caused problems.

They don't focus so much anymore on the whole "living off Earth" focus of the original charter (my main interest), and instead focus on climate issues. It's still a working science experiment (managed and run by the U of Arizona). If you're ever in Tucson/Phoenix, it's well worth the trip.

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