More Teabaggin'

Isn't that witty?

Regarding these nutjobs, there are two large demographic trends in the favor of rationality and common sense: 1. The mix of non-whites as an overall percentage of the American population will continue to go up, when in about 20 years it will be close to a 50-50 white/non-white mix. The growth in these numbers will be mainly in the Hispanic populations. If you've noted, the Repuglicans have done NOTHING to help themselves with Hispanics. Just the opposite actually.
2. These crazy crackers are, on average, old. Old people die, and with them, some of their beliefs. The generations that will replace these people will be far more enlightened and tolerant.

Thus, in the next twenty years, unless the Repugs find their sanity and reform themselves, America will find itself ever more Democractic. And good.


sonja said...

we can only hope

Redshirt said...

No need to hope! It's all in the numbers.