For shame, Arizona

This is a solar water heater. There are two basic versions: This one, in which the water circulates through the glass tubes, absorbing the heat of the sun; or, not pictured, a photovoltaic version, which generates electricity from solar panels to heat the water (or, 3, a combination of each).

When I was in Greece, I was astounded, and happy, to see these devices on just about every rooftop, including commercial buildings (my hotel had one).

Conversely, I was surprised - negatively - to not see a single one of these anywhere in Arizona. Anecdotal, I know, but I traveled widely and was always on the lookout for them, and saw not a one. I saw very, very few solar panels as well, and mostly these were at UofA or ASU -- I only saw 3-5 houses with solar panels.

Which is just madness. Hot water consumes a big portion of everyone's electric bill - up to 30-40%. Arizona has on average 300 days of sun a year. Thus, roughly, if every house and business used a solar water heater, total electric load for the region would drop by 30% or so. A huge impact.

So, what the heck, Arizona?


sonja said...

I thought the exact same thing...shame, shame...but it is a repuglican rich state...what do they care?

Redshirt said...

True. However, anecdotally, I saw about 2 dozen Obama bumper stickers, and ZERO McCain/Palin stickers. Which was heartening. Obama barely lost AZ, and I suspect he'll win it in 2012.