How Star Trek Voyager Saved the World

Or Seven of Nine, specifically. Seriously! What a wondrous world. In a nutshell: Lady wants to be an actress (Jeri), gets a variety of jobs, nothing special. Marries a handsome investment banker, has a kid. Finally gets her big break in acting, landing a role on Star Trek: Voyager. This required her to travel far more frequently from home, perhaps causing then Mr. Ryan to get.... antsy.

Anyways, Mr Ryan is now married to a TV sexy star, so he gets into parading her around, and then, trying to take her to sex clubs. Jeri is not down with that, even though Mr. Ryan tries several times. (Read here ). Mrs. Ryan has had enough, and files for, and is granted, divorce and custody. The records, however, are sealed.

Flash forward to 2004, and now Mr. Ryan is running for one of the vacant US Senate seats in Illinois, as a Repuglican. He wins the primary, he's on his way to face the Democrat, a young, clean, articulate man with a bright future, you might know him, Barack Obama.

The Chicago Tribune sues the state of California to release the divorce records, and after some back and forth, they do. And now the world, and specifically the voters of IL, know Mr. Ryan likes forcing his wife - against her wishes - into sex clubs, and getting her to perform. Obviously, controversy ensues, Mr. Ryan tries to fight it for awhile, but finally drops out of the race, after it was demanded by the state Repuglican party. This same party then appoints Alan Keyes (you know, cuz of his long-standing IL ties) to run as the Repuglican nominee, and he is resoundingly thrashed by one Barack Obama. The rest of the story you probably know.

So there you have it: How Seven of Nine saved planet earth. Crazy, eh?

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