How the Right Wing Noise Machine Works

There's only a few steps. Of course, this is a guideline, and as such the order can change, or steps can be skipped, but it usually goes like this:

1. Something happens!
2. Internet starts buzzing
3. Right Wing Talk Radio picks up this buzz and hones the point. The Limbaugh - Hannity - Beck trifecta is the king here, but there's so many other Wingnuts out there doing the same. There is almost no Left Wing talk radio, and here's where any comparisons to the two sides break down. The left owns the blogosphere for the most part, but the right rules Radio, and it is radio that is far more pernicious here.
4. Drudge or his ilk will stamp one of the contending hysterical theories with a headline on his site, and he may then work variations of this headline for days and days.
5. Mark Halperin or some tool from Politico or the like will pick up the Drudge lead, and then it will enter the regular corrupt media (newspapers and TV), in addition to the really big factor....
6. It hits Fox News and the various other media outlets of the Murdoch Propaganda Empire. If the topic is juicy enough, they will run it into the ground as long as they can, amping up the fear and hysteria as much as possible.

And there you have it. By this point, the AP and even your local news will have incorporated many of the opinions crafted above. Such that, for example, Obama speaking to schoolchildren becomes "Obama's controversial speech"....

I try to keep my tinfoil hat in check, but at this point, no one in the major media outlets (save MSNBC's Olberman and Maddow) will counter any of these hysterics to any degree -- why? Well, there's only a couple possible explanations: 1. They are in league with this noise machine. 2. Controversy = ratings, so it's in their interest to fan the flames. 3. The Corporate Overlords who own ALL media wish it. And finally, 4. The media is so set on a "both sides do it" narrative, that they will go to enormous lengths not to seem "biased" (by reporting the facts of course), so they will work very hard to make sure you know Democrats do all this bad stuff too, even if they don't.

The overall strategy to the noise machine is simple, in two parts: 1. Frame any discussion to their propaganda points, and 2. FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

Mind you, there is nothing in this which speaks to any kind of positive, constructive point, such as things that might be good for the country. Rather, like a sports team, the goal is simply to win (however you want to define winning), and everything else matters not.

The thing to watch as the hysteria continues to build (and it will, and it will lead to more domestic terrorism soon enough I'm sure) is: Will the regular media (i.e. not NEWSCORP) ever stop playing this game?

Signs point to "no".

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