You Betchya!

Truly, words fail to fully describe the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin. She's crazy, no doubt, but her insanity mirrors a mindset present in America -- she has fans! Real ones, who think she's unfairly maligned by the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA. A victim.

I think Sarah thinks resigning from the Governorship will help her Presidential run in 2012; I hope it does, because Obama will win that laughable election 69-23. However, I don't think Sarah will be the candidate, because she's insane, and not too bright either. But she is bold - so I have to assume this is the "logic" behind this otherwise insane move. Or some giant scandal. We'll see!

Rest assured, we'll have Sarah to kick around for a bit while longer. I predict a fade to obscurity by mid 2010.

Also, note the flag desecration - why do Repuglicans hate America so?

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sonja said...

I concur with the fading to obscurity part...all this time I thought she already had...I think the baby daddy will keep things entertaining for a bit...he seems to relish the limelight...even if it doesnt relish him.