(Ball O') Frustration

Sitting in a traffic jam this morning, it occurred to me that most, if not all, of my frustrations in this world can be tied to just a few factors. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I bet there's some commonalities. These factors are:
A. People. Only people and their actions (or lack thereof) frustrate me. I am mostly immune to all other sources of frustration -- such as the weather, animals (bugs, for example), plants, objects, etc.
1. Actions done out of ignorance or unawareness.
2. Actions done out of maliciousness or insincerity
a. When these actions effect someone or something else.

Littering is an easy example -- the litterer is most likely acting out of ignorance or maliciousness (there is a chance of course it's a complete accident). Their act of littering effects the local environment and anybody in it -- if for no other reason than to see a littered environment is to send the message that "no one cares". This has a deleterious effect on society. Another easy example: Talking on the phone while driving. You lose awareness of your driving, and thereby effect the drives of other people, most likely without you being aware of it. Given that vehicles are one of the most likely ways we have to die, this example shows an extreme ignorance of one's actions in the wider world.

And that's the takeaway: We all could, right now, this very moment, decide collectively that we all will be aware of our acts (and non-acts) and their implications, and strive to make our actions all for the good. With a veritable snap of fingers this world could be made a paradise.

Unlikely, of course, but possible. Hence my frustration. How about yours?

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