So long, fellas!

So, them fancy pants scientists have gone and created artificial sperm cells from stem cells, and successfully fertilized mouse eggs with them, and then presto! Little mouse babies. All without the help of a mousey stud. Linky.

Which of course leads to the obvious conclusion: The end of the male sex. Sure, there will be a longish transition period in which men are enslaved by their matronly overlordesses, for manual labor no doubt, but eventually the new Queens of the earth will tire of the troubles caused by these slaves, and do away with them. Ushering in peace on earth, natch.

So, men, I say to thee: Enjoy this time we have left as lucky recipients of a patriarchal system. It's not long for this earth!


sonja said...

From said Overlordess to said would be a sad day when you all are gone....peaceful, but sad....alas, Overlordesses will argue and fight over shoes, hair thus begining the onslaught of The Petulant War. The demise of human species...enter the robotbox.

Anonymous said...

Robochicks, actually. Even female robots are superior.