Back in Green Masks

If you only watched CNN the last few days, you'd think nothing was happening anywhere in the world other than Michael Jackson dying, and Sarah Palin just cold "quittin'". But the situation in Iran burns on, a slow burn up till today, wherein the conjunction of a religious holiday and a previous memorial day has led for more action on the streets.

But the action on the streets of course is but the surface of the real turmoil, which seems centered on Qom, the religious capital of Iran; there, the various Ayatollah's seem deeply in conflict with the regime. And with the recent appointment of the son of the Supreme Leader as head of Basij; which just makes more apparent that this is an internal coup, where one group within Iran is seeking to take control over another -- that's the real battle going on right now.

The youth is with the Mousavi; thus, barring a massive, massive crackdown, given the demographics of Iran, the defeat of the current leadership is inevitable.

Also, masks: We've seen folks wearing masks at protests since the mid 90's; Islamic forces started wearing masks to hide their identities from the Israelis; now, everyone everywhere will be forced to wear a mask if they go out in public, since truly, the cameras are everywhere.

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