You ARE good enough, Stuart

Congrats, Al Franken! You survived a round with the RNC legal spin machine. You are good enough, gosh darn it!

Also, Repugnuts? Suck it.

Which leads me to ponder... am I becoming the very monster I once aimed to fight? For instance, there is a well known theory in the intertubeweb about Republican strategy, which goes a little something like this: If it pisses off liberals, it's a good move.

That's it -- you can actually explain much of the Repuglican moves of the last 10 years by that theory.

But am I simply becoming the opposite?

Hmm. Ok, I've thought about it. No, I'm not. So suck it, Repubtards.


sonja said...

Big thumbs up! It took 8 months....glad I dont live there, but Im sure happy for them.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Bachman disagrees!