Dictatorship Over!

If you care, you already know: The USA was for all intents a Dictatorship from 9/12/01 to about 12/31/08.

If you don't care, you'll never admit this, and instead engage the usual bullshit Republican lies. But, in the interest of engagement, here's a link:

To wit: Our Constitution was mostly suspended due to some nifty memos -- memos! - and we've all been surviving by the Grace of our now departed Dear Leader.

For no other reason then preventing this from happening again (even with my man Obama), all the secrets need to come out, and people have to be held accountable. Otherwise, what is a society of laws? Nothing, that's what.

For example, Karl Rove flat out ignores Congressional subpoenas, and walks and talks on Fox news all the while. How's that work?

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