If you haven't watched Battlestar Galactica by now, it is far too late for you to watch and appreciate the finale, which airs this Friday night. However, there is always DVD, which in many - most - ways is the far superior viewing experience.

But if you have been watching, no doubt you are a'quiver on how this crazy story will end. It seems to me the show has consciously chosen to be depressing whenever able, so I'm betting on a downer of a closer, with of course the seeds of hope - the next circle - planted and taken root.

Great episodic storytelling is something TV can do extremely well, when done right. And BSG has been done it right from the first episode. Does not happen very often in television, to be sure.

Without pause, here's Redshirt's 5 greatest TV series in history (nerd universe):

1. Angel
3. Lost
4. BSG
5. DS9

Finally, won't you spare a laid off Cylon a dollar?

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