Storm Troopers Revisited

From the desk of the Oracle:

It won't be too much longer before our own God Fearin' troops don masks similar to Stormy's over here. There will be plenty of functional reasons for it -- networked com links, camera, head and face protection, cooling, etc - but underneath all of these functional issues will be the issue that underlies so very much:

Fear. Striking fear in the "enemy". Causing him terror. But not as terrorists, of course!

Imagine, if you will, that you are an Afghani goat trader -- don't knock it! It's a good career in Afghanistan. You're settling down for the night in your primitive abode, no electricity or running water, in fact, you're living much as people have for our species entire history. But then a crash in the distance, and you rush outside to see the soft green glow of night vision goggles, as American soliders pour out of the sky, out of the dark, looking like robots, like nothing you've ever seen...

I would imagine it would be quite frightening. Does this make US the bad guys? That we inspire fear, intentionally?

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