If you're one of my many thousands of regular, loyal readers, you're probably don't need any convincing. But if you just happened to stumble upon my place here on the intertubes, let me state this is as clearly as I can:

The Republican Party is insane. They offer nothing but mockery and lies. They are, at the moment, not worthy of being called a minority party or the "loyal" opposition, as they have no sincerity. They've ruined this nation and its place in the world, and yet still, they seek nothing but destruction.

I hope saner minds can prevail, because there are certainly parts of "Conservative" thinking which are valid and need to be articulated. But not by these clowns, minions and disciples of the Atwater/Rove School of Republican Politics, which, in its purest form, is nothing but post-modern bullshit.

Keep fighting in any way you can these truly dangerous fools.

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