There is an approaching crossroads we will face, which briefly is: Our technology grows ever more powerful - exponentially so - yet our minds remain mostly that of tribal creatures, ever on the lookout for "Others". This tribal mindset - which we share in large part with the rest of the animal kingdom - is the major reason for our wars, violence, hate, etc.

But we're so very much better at expressing this hate, this fear. We've been living under this new danger since the invention of the nuclear bomb, but now, with nuclear technology in reach of almost any dedicated people, what's to keep that genie in the bottle for much longer? What's to prevent our technology from killing us?

Not much. A wing and a prayer. We are well underway now into the next paradigm - robotic warfare. Does anyone think this will in anyway improve the human condition?

Or, is it more likely with the horrors of war a step removed, we'll find ever more reasons to fight?

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