Wax is for Anthrax

There are several threads coming undone in the grand deception which is the Bush presidency; one of the most alarming is the case of the anthrax attacks of 2001, which are now being conveniently pinned to a recent suicide.

Check out the excellent Glenn Greenwald at Salon for the latest details on this case. Basically, the Feds are desperately looking for a patsy, and they think they've got their guy -- will it hold up?

And if he is a patsy, who is the Government protecting? Hmmmm.

Couple this will Ron Suskind's new book which claims the famous "Atta in Prague" story was a complete fabrication of the Bush Admin and a damning, criminal, impeachable act if true.

But even if it's true, what's gonna happen? There's only 6 months left for these criminals -- better to just get over this nightmare, or should we as a country hound these bastards into jail?

Pragmatically, I fall on the "do nothing for now" side of the argument, since I worry -- maybe rightly, maybe paranoically -- that Bush et al are not going to give up power. That a pack of scoundrels this criminal are capable of anything -- fake terrorist attack before the election, for instance. Nothing is beyond them. So, as I see it now, let's not back them into a corner. Let them see an escape route, and take it. Get them out of power, get Obama in power, let him start cleaning the stables, and THEN proceed to prosecute the crimes of this Administration.

Bring tha Noise!

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