I've never played, but Dungeons and Dragons has what I think is an interesting way of thinking about Good and Evil with their "Alignments" -- Lawful Good (Superman), Chaotic Good (Robin Hood), Lawful Evil (Palpatine), Chaotic Evil (Loki, or, The Joker), among them.

In the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight -- which I HIGHLY recommend - The Joker played by Heath Ledger is Chaotic Evil like I've never seen on the screen before. Pure chaos towards an evil end.

But chaos need not be evil, though I suspect much of what we think of conventionally as "evil", is actually instead, Chaos - Shit Happens, in other words. And because we seem to inherently view the world as personified with human emotions, we tend to see chaos in nature as bad, or "evil".

The questions I have about Chaos tend towards the objective (i.e. scientific), and not the specifics of human values. People like order, and dislike chaos; but does nature have a preference?

Is our reality "ordered" or "chaotic"?

My answer is: All is order; the appearance of chaos simply means you cannot perceive the order within.

Your answer may vary.

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