Safe as Seven Houses

I know, I know, any of us in "Streets Paved with Gold" America could forget how many houses we own on any given day. I mean, it's hard work keeping track of that stuff, not to even mention the houses for the kids.

But, as an interesting test of our "Liberal Media", let us see how this story goes -- the story of a rich man from a rich family who dumped a faithful wife for an even richer (and much younger) woman. Let us note how often the hypocrisy of this man calling Barack Obama an "elitist" is pointed out.

Odds are, despite the Democrats attempts to push this issue, it will quickly fade away, abetted by the MSM.

Note! Not that there's anything wrong with owning 4, or 7, or 11 houses. By all means, go for it! But please, don't then call the guy raised by a single white woman an "elitist".

Alas, facts are optional in our new Conservative forged world...

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