Looney Land

One of the most amazing things the modern Republican party (or at least a subset of it) has done over the past 30 years (see, credit where credit is due!) is to completely dominate the framing of issues to the public.

We don't debate reality, the facts, or the truth; we debate versions of these things, slanted towards the Republican's viewpoint.

This leads to ever greater heights of absurdity, and with our boy Bush generally trashing everything they've worked so hard to build over the past 30 years, the absurdity becomes more apparent.

For example, this cartoon, which aptly sums up the reality of the past 30 years, and puts that reality into the context of today:

That the Republicans bank -- literally, a foundation - on the mantra of attacking their Democratic opponents as "Tax and Spend" liberals. Forget the truth, reality, facts, all of that: They'll say this whether it's true or not, and they will repeat it ad inifinitum.

The truth is of course the Repugs are Spend and Spend politicians, and no average American household could operate this way.

So, the question is: Why does this falsehood continue to live? Why does it still have currency.

Search your feelings, and you will find the answer.

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