Redshirt Soliloquy #3

In an ongoing series of posts highlighting all of the various joys and, yes, agonies of being a Redshirt, I give you the concept "Expendable".

Make no mistake, we're all expendable. In fact, we are expendable by design, as the genes which use us as gettin' around machines move on to another machine once our gears get gummed up. In more overt car terms, we're all Chrysler K Cars, and the only true, objective measure of whether we did our job or not is the answer to the question: Did you deliver the package?

The package is your genes. You are the courier. Once you deliver your package, you are henceforth, expendable. If you never deliver your package, you are always expendable.

Cheery, eh? So go in good spirits into the black void, come what may, because once you accept the idea that you're truly expendable, you are liberated. Free to go on any Away Mission, secure in the knowledge that you are doomed. It's just a matter of when.

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