Stuff in the Sky

Moonrise! Bright as a star. Fun fact to ponder - the light from the Moon is reflected light from the Sun. This light was created in the center of the Sun millions of years ago, finally escaped, streamed across space, hit the moon and bounced off, right into your eye. Where it bounces off again, but the energy is translated by your brain as... Moonlight.
The ISS, racing across the sky. There's six people up in there! Also, that sure looks like the Northern Lights, but I didn't see it with my eyes. So that's either a trick of light and clouds, or the Northern Lights can appear below my vision's threshold, but can show up on a longer exposure.
Moonset, an hour after an August Sunset. Fun project if you have a view of the Western horizon and some time - note how Moonset shifts over the year. You might be surprised!

All photos, once again, Redshirt Inc. Click for big! Prints available! I also can DJ weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.


l.e.s.ter said...

Wow. Those shots are awesome. Any idea of what created the dots of light on the moonset picture? I imagine tiny lighters held up across the valley. Although I guess the kids today hold up their phones.

Redshirt said...

Camera "noise", I assume? You can see the dots on the moon rise picture, and I see them all the time on night pictures. I haven't taken any since I got my camera back from the shop, so maybe it's fixed.