Missin' Mitt

Remember this guy?! Probably not. He was so stereotypically rich and bland and forgettable I can't blame you if he has already exited your memory. Here's some reminders.
It's Mexican Mitt! Fun fact - Mitt really is a bit Mexican, though of course he could not advertise that fact to his fungal based supporters. This pic was one of the glories of the campaign - Mitt on Telemundo, heavy on the tan spray.
Gosh, we never did get to see those taxes, did we?
Another fun fact! Mitt did not write a concession speech - as it was beyond conception that he would lose! Really, he believed that. His whole staff believed that, apparently. For example, Mitt made no travel plans back from his "victory party", assuming the Secret Service would take care of it for him. But the minute he lost, poof! No more Secret Service, and Mitt had to have Tagg or Track or Tacoma (his son) drive him to one of his homes. Oh, sweet schadenfreude - consider it! He sincerely, absolutely believed he was going to win, even though all the polls and all the evidence said otherwise.
Two days after the election, back in Cali (where he really lives), pumping his own gas. Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.
Romney-Ryan 2012 Campaign summary.
Yay! Free shirts!


l.e.s.ter said...

A happy village in Africa can now move on from their "Falcons NFC East Champions 2012" shirts.

Redshirt said...

LOL. That would be a good blog - 3rd world fail t-shirts.

l.e.s.ter said...