I'm Out (Abysses)

Fred was right. You fight monsters long enough, you become a monster. Or in this case, you search down nerd pics long enough...
Then a nerd you become. And I don't want to be a 21st century nerd. So I'm off this topic, dropping this
Dome arigato, ninjakutu roboto.
Class of 14 rules!


Blue Collared Snob said...

I've been saying they need to make a "Revenge of the Jocks" movie for the last couple of years. The more and more I see nerd culture going completely into the absurd I just want to see them get pushed around some like we did in the good old days.
Being a nerd used to mean something like being good at math or really into science now it just means being obsessed with some stupid obscure pop culture item.

Redshirt said...

Heh. The thought has crossed my mind. But that would be bullying, and that's bad.

These kids are the worst, aren't they? Said by all old people for all time.