Why? Bear

No idea where this came from - make up your own tale. No doubt some crazy desert hippy redneck artist drunk got bored once and blam: Why? Bear. The bear asks a great question though - Why?

I posit this is THE question that defines humanity, as apart from the other animals. It even separates us from each other - the more you explore the question "Why", the more in depth you explore your existence. And that leads to wisdom. Without the "why", or a dearth of it, you are left with a dumb automaton who trudges through life in rote misery.

"How" would be next on the list of questions, another important, defining question, but one we share with many other animals. Birds figure out lots of things, and figuring out "how" is the only way possible.

What, where and when are all spatial questions, and I'd argue everything alive has some grasp of them and their answers.

"Why" is the only question, perhaps, without an answer, since the answer almost always dwells in the subjective. And how can anything subjective be a true answer, so dependent is it on the person answering?

I have two answers to the question "Why", but I can make no claim they are correct.

1. Because life is a chemical reaction that is part of a larger cosmological process of energy transference from the Big Bang.

2. Why not?

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