Putin Fetish


You're a fish, living your fish life deep in the sea, swimming in the inky black, darting amongst rock and debris, and then a light! What is this? The sun, come down to the bottom of the ocean?!

PUTIN! Under the sea.

So you know, there's an insignificant yet interesting group of people who live on the internet that enjoy sharing pictures of the world's coolest puppetmaster, Vladmir Putin. Why? Probably some deep psychological damage. Anyways, here's some more pics!
Shifty looking, even as a youngin'. Great things lay ahead, but Communism posed a serious threat to young Vlad's awesomeness.
But yay! Communism was defeated, personally, by Saint Ronaldus Reaganus the Greastest, and Vlad bloomed into the loveable tyrant we know today. Puppy loving badass:
Just chillin' on his super yacht, cold building Orthodox Churches, y'all.

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