Mainstreaming the Fringe

Most of our current problems with the traitorous Republican party started here, with Richard Milhouse Nixon. Don't forget that Nixon started his pro Pol career as a Commie Hunter during the fun time McCarthy red scare era. Nixon was the prototypical neo con - paranoid, power hungry, and ruthless. His "Southern Strategy" set the current political map with the wholesale switch of the racist South from Democrat to Republican. His many crimes - both International and Domestic - are now badges of honor for the craven and blood thirsty "Conservatives". FSM help us all if this ever comes to pass:
Anywho, Nixon also began the ruinous mainstreaming of the fringe nut jobs that have always existed in America, but were for the most part marginalized and excluded from the political process. The Wing Nuts:
Have you ever heard of these guys before? Check 'em out, at the Wiki. They got their start viciously attacking Dwight Eisenhower, of all people, and have only revved it up since then. But they used to be mocked, scorned, ignored by all corners of power. Till Nixon. Till the Right Wing resentment machine got cranked up. Creating monsters like:
Tucson, AZ, January 2011. Rush has been spewing poison and bile for decades now, emboldening guys like this, filling his head with hate:
And all too often these days, some truly disturbed individual actually puts down the marker and construction paper and picks up some of his FREEDOM guns:
Where oh where would this guy get the idea to shoot up a small political event in front of a store?

Naw, just a co-incidence, right? Also too, I find this amusing, not in the sense that there's anything funny or wrong with some Saudi's sitting on the Board of Directors of a major multinational. But when it's Newscorp?
Funny, right? Fox News, your 24/7 source for Muslim bashing and fear mongering, is 7% owned (good enough to be the 2nd largest shareholder) by Saudi royalty. I wonder if Glenn Beck ever drew that up on his Chalkboard?

Fun times!


Anonymous said...

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Redshirt said...

Deep stuff man.