How Fox News Works cont.

Here's a quote from a respectable commentator from the great Conservative news site posing as an objective media site, Politico:

Now why would anybody be dumb enough to believe anything being said on Reliable Sources? Howard Kurtz and ‘friends’ are always liberal Socialists with Marxist bents, all think that Marxist Obama is the Messiah who can walk on water and cure all sicknesses with the wave of his hands, and all tacidly work for the Democrat/Marxist Party in order to create a new (but better, they believe) workers paradise like the former USSR, Communist China, or North Korea. While Fox News informs their listeners on all the news going on without taking sides, the rest of the MSM is nothing more than the Democrat Marxist Parties propaganda arm that will only tell their listeners the Obama and Democrat Marxist-approved news. No wonder they hate Fox.

Let me parse this for those of you that need some clarification: Howard Kurtz, noted Villager (i.e. lifetime journalist in Washington, thoroughly corrupted by said position) hosts a show about the media on CNN called "Reliable Sources". In my opinion, Kurtz is like most other Villagers, in that he has a double standard whereby he goes easy on Republicans, and much harder on Democrats. In the same opinion, CNN as a whole does the same. Kurtz was also involved in the recent firing of Dan Froomkin from the Washington Post, the only member of the "Liberal" WaPo Editoral staff who dared take on the Bush Admin over torture. All evidence points to his firing as caused by Krauthammer and Kurtz. I don't need to tell you who Krauthammer is, I assume.

Anywho, the quote above demonstrates what I'm calling the "Fox Effect". This good citizen is obviously convinced that the LIBERAL MEDIA is everywhere and controlling everything, except Fox News, which he sees as the pinnacle of objective journalism. Whereas the truth is, Fox News is a straight out propaganda organization, designed to get guys like this to think thoughts exactly like that! So, in amazing feat of Doublethink, this guy is convinced up is down, down is up, and no one can tell him otherwise.

Well done, Fox.

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