Persia on my mind

Don't know about y'all, but I got Persia on the brain -- can't stop thinking about the events currently unfolding. Historic already, but if this breaks a certain way, this could be epochal; Persia is a vastly cultured and sophisticated land with a rich history; if the country were to integrate into the "normal" world -- specifically a more Western sphere - they would quickly become the leading country in the Islamic world, and very much so in the general region. It would be a benefit to the entire world for Persia to open it's arms.

So, what is going on now is now less the battle for our futures; on the one hand, you have the forces of repression and war -- and make no mistake, they're not just in Persia. The American neo-cons are rooting for the same thing as the ruling clerics in Iran (and the leaders of Al Qaeda; interesting alignment of sympathies, yes?). On the other, the forces of change, of liberalization and greater social freedoms.

Who will win? My money is on the protestors, on Obama. For no other reason than these respective forces of repression seem to be incredibly dumb currently -- the entire situation in Iran could have been avoided, for example, with just a bit more skill. Instead, they're going to lose power.

Just as the neo-cons have lost power in the US. Praise SHESAH!

PS: Check out the babe in the middle!

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l.e.s.ter said...

If Angelina Jolie is supporting the Iranian democracy movement, then count me in as well.