What's going on in Iran right now is a big deal -- it might turn out to be a historically big deal. My thoughts are with the brave protestors who are fighting for their beliefs. I just hope the death toll does not go too high.

On a related note, if I had only watched CNN or MSNBC this weekend, or even read the Washington Post, I would have little idea what was going on in Iran. The difference in coverage between the MSM and some of the more active blogs (Huff, Sully, Balloon Juice) is stunning. So stunning I have to check myself and see if I am missing something, the gap is so large.

Another note: Watch the Neocons rally around Ahmadinejad. It started this weekend on the blog, but expect Faux News to pick up the ball and run. Nuts of a feather flock together and all. And also remember: The Neocons care nothing for the US or anything in this world, other than their own power and wealth.


l.e.s.ter said...

Aw. You make Neocons sound like Reptilians.

Redshirt said...

Who says they're not? It would explain a lot!