No Joke - Cold Fusion

First off, nutz to April Fools Day. Terrible idea for a day -- let's Punk everyone! Yeah!

So, no joking here.

Cold Fusion is back on the table. One link here.

To wit, so far after several retests, the possibility of Cold Fusion has not been ruled out. It has not been ruled in yet either, but given that the project is in the middle stages of testing, this is an achievement all by itself. For example, the Cold Fusion news that broke about ten years ago was quickly disproven. So far, not the case with the latest example -- the only question seems to be is there another physical process other than fusion that is producing the neutrinos?

This is a big, big, big deal. If Cold Fusion were possible, and then made commercially viable, our world would change drastically overnight. All the energy needs of everyone on earth, and everyone yet to come, could be met by fusion, easily, with no waste, no depletion of resources, no radioactivity, no problems. A world in which energy is basically free and limitless and clean is a drastically different world than our current one.

This is the biggest news story out there right now, regardless of what you see on CNN or FOX! The true game changer. Stay tuned for further updates.

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