Behold our future awareness

Not sure why this isn't getting bigger play, or maybe it has and I was out of the country (as I often am).

Regardless, behold, an actual picture of an actual star (not ours) with actual planets in orbit thereabout. 3 of them, see?

Each of these planets is way bigger than Jupiter (fun fact: The size limit of planets is considered to be 13 times the size of Jupiter, for, bigger than that, and our friend Fusion starts up and the planet is then a star), and they orbit 2 times further away than Neptune does our Sun - so they are very far out from their star, yet huge. Odd.

This is just the beginning. Our tech will race ahead and twenty years from now we should be able to read chemical signatures of most planets orbiting most stars in our general vicinity (50 plus light years perhaps). Inevitably, life will be found on one these planets, or, more likely, soon enough on another hunk o rock in our solar system.

The next expansion of human awareness is ready - just a world among an ocean of worlds, islands in a great sea. And with the discovery of life on these other worlds, one would hope our Trekkian future soon awaits.

Also, kinda looks like a cellular photo, no? I mean, yes?


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