So Say the Cards

All forms of divination stem from man seeking answers to a chaotic world, but without proper tools these answers come in the form of Religion, myth, riddles. God is man's first attempt to answer all the questions of life, which are many. For thousands of years we explained the weather, the seasons, birth, death, crops, everything via Gods. This way of thinking became engrained, codified, institutionalized. Man's natural curiosity - which created God in the first place - was stymied.

And then Science emerged, and survived, and spread. Now with a firm foothold the world over, Science provides truer answers - perhaps real answers - and allows mankind to grow ever healthier, smarter, wiser. And thus is the bane of Religion - we are now in the midst of a mighty struggle between the two. This struggle will define our future.

Which side are you on? Hocus pocus, or truth?


Anonymous said...


Redshirt said...

Hail! Fellow traveler!

Rickety Bridges said...

I take umbrage at your first claim; the physical sex of the person in that photograph is up for debate, and I feel the conversation cannot advance without first coming to terms with the person depicted.

Kyle said...

There is nothing to say that science and religion are in any way the antithesis of each other. Science details the literal, physical way that the universe exists and interacts with itself. There is nothing to say that spirits or gods or God are the reasons why the universe functions the way it does. The gods may have laid down the rules that dictate how physics works, especially if God is in everything. And, because of how science functions, there is no way to scientifically dispel this notion.

Redshirt said...

There's no such thing as Gods. Period.

That's a man, baby!