Perhaps our reality is truly like this - up is up is down is down is up and so on, forever - and it is only our brains which give it the apparent order we call the "real world". Our senses - eye, ear, etc - are the only way we perceive anything. All these senses provide information to the brain, which decodes and translates into action. It's just bits and boops and blops and is us and only us - humans - which assign the green leaves and sometimes seas, blue skies or pink sunrise, cool mist upon the wind. Perspective is defined by the perceiver - and it is only life that perceives. And all life is different.

And so, Escher. This Legofied lithograph is a marvel. It's got all kinds of science baked into it. Wiki it up.

Death of Boba Fett, unreasonably popular minor character. Except of course, not. Dead, that is. There's money to be made! And so he rises from the vaginal depths of the dread Sarlacc's grasp! Hallelujah!

If you're bored, check out the Lego poses here: a LEGO a day

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