Live Long and Prosper

Perhaps the coolest Presidential celebrity pic ever? I'd argue yes, and indeed I am ranking it over Nixon and Elvis, which is undeniably awesome. But then, I'm a nerd and no big fan of any King, except Martin Luther.

Live long and prosper. From Star Trek, but the origin is the Hebrew and Arabic "Peace be upon you". It's a noble sentiment, for who would not wish that for themselves and those they love, their friends and the people they admire? Why not for everyone? For are we not all people, with hopes, fears, dreams for the future? Do we not all wish for children and families healthy and happy, safe in hearth and home?

I don't think we all do. A minority, to be sure, but vocal and disruptive enough to unsettle the majority. A shame. For as pictured above, President Obama truly wishes for long life and prosperity for not only all Americans, but everyone in this world. And, being the Nerd in Chief, I have no doubt Barack would wish good tidings on any alien out there in the wide, wide Universe. And why not? All life wishes for prosperity for themselves and their children. It's the basis of Compassion, yes?

Education is one way we can lift the overall majority of humanity out of base, savage fear. As such, reading is fundamental:
A Presidential reading of "Where the Wild Things Are". I think the Obama family is just about the most perfect First Family America could have - wholesome and good and setting all the right examples. I love them. I'd think you don't even have to agree with the President's policies and still think they are a great family and true role models.

And yet, out there raging, are 27% of the population who just HATES them. For no good reason other than blind tribal allegiance. If we are to progress to our full potential, we will have to continue finding ways to marginalize people who blindly hate. Education Summer Camps have a nice ring...

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