Mr. O

The Rethuglicans have done everything they can to bespoil, ruin, and otherwise tarnish all that Barack Obama does or has tried to do. They would see the world in flames for mere political gain - and they try for this! Every day.

But, much has still been accomplished, and the USA and the world saved from the brink of Depression. Wars are ending, torture is done, sincere attention being paid to education, infrastructure, health care, and a myriad other important issues. In spite of Repuglicans. And so as we approach the Crazy Time of billionaires flooding the media with all manner of slanderous lies, keep the faith. Hope for a better day, vote Obama and any and every Democrat you can - if for no other reason than NOT to vote for a Repuglican. They're evil and must be defeated.

And with each lost election, their defeat grows closer. And with their defeat, perhaps sanity and reason can once again claim the upper hand in America.

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