To Each, Their Own

Alas! As a lover of all life - and I really do, love all of life, be it slithery snake, furry spider, or stealthy rat creeping around the corner - life is magic, a miracle of physics and chemistry, a walking blessing each of us participate in for such a brief, precious amount of time. Cherish it. Relish it. Life is Delish. As I say, alas - I don't like cats, perhaps of all the living things in this existence it is cats I like least. I mean, I like cats - in theory - but I am highly allergic for some reason, and they quite quickly incapacitate me, so I tend to avoid all cats. Thus, the dislike, which has really nothing to do with cats themselves, since, despite their aloofness and holier-than-thouness, seem alright as far as predatory killers go.

Anyways, another beaut of a photoshop from Something Awful. If you're never visited, you should. Photoshop is one of the greatest comedic inventions of all time - I've rarely laughed harder in the last ten years than over some random photoshop. Sad, but true - redshirt lives on the internet, and is learning about digital life.

Many people on the internet, I have learned, like cats very much. Apologies in advance!


vera lynn said...

A perfect post to thank you for my endless hours reading your archives this past year. I appreciate the opportunity to learn all things science through your eyes. And all the Stormtrooper pics are fun all around fun time. Have a wonderful holiday Redshirt. :)

Redshirt said...

Thank you vera lynn. You're too kind.

I hope you have lots of laughs in 2011 - that's all any of us can ever really hope for, in my opinion. Teh lulz. Everything else is usually tragedy. Redshirt's lament and all....