Art of the Deal

I spent WAAAY too long today searching for this picture on the intertubes, only to fail. :( I have it at home, and thus my overzealous attempt to find it in the cyberwild. 80's kid, 80's kid olan mills, laser olan mills miami vice, etc.... My googlefu failed, and for that I feel as if I failed myself. After all, how did I first find it if not from the interweb?

But seriously, most of the time it takes me no time at all to find a good pic - I've got mountainloads already stored, and need only search my archives. Or, to the internet. But every once in awhile, one certain idea will grab me and I will search, and search, and search. And certainly, sometimes the failed search turns up something else. But still, the lesson: Know when to hold them, know when to fold them.

Also, too:

80's Sleestack. Make it stick, Google!

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