A Start Too Favre

Under the theory that the first three years of any new decade is actually part of the previous decade, culturally (Consider: 1963 was part of what we consider the 50's; 73 was the 60's; 83 was the 70's leading us to), Brett Favre is an 80's QB, as this poster from the era can attest. And it really is quite remarkable he has played so long, so continuously. Enough to hold almost every major QB record. His start tonight against the Bears on the frozen tundra of Gopher Field was inspiring, in fact. But the 80's were a long time ago, and all things comes to an end.

As my friend L.E.S.T.E.R. relates, entropy rules us all, and we, and everything we could ever know, are destined for ever greater chaos. As with all truths, accept this, realize it, and move on. Any and all facts are but operating conditions for this game of Life.


l.e.s.ter said...

The end of an era. The Michael Vick chaos state reigns, against the more probable outcome of pocket passers.

Redshirt said...

Nice! I like this analogy very much. Vick will drive all future QB'ing into a state of utter chaos. The next step is clearly Joe Webb.

I must say though, my hardened heart was softened to Favre with his stupidly heroic start on Monday. Now it's time to slink off into the sunset (and pay off the dick-pic scandal ASAP).

l.e.s.ter said...

Something tells me Brett Favre just became a huge Rex Ryan fan.

Redshirt said...

Needs more "Just a couple of feet short of a first" announcer jokes.

I caught up on this sordid tale last night - there's way more to it than the foot video. S&M and Swinger websites are in play. No links!

skramly said...

Do tell!

Redshirt said...

First off, a lesson, just in case: Anything and everything you do on the Internet can be found. It's only a degree of difficulty.

So, that said, I watched in real time as some Internet Detectives quickly found the profile pages of a Swinger couple that hits many, many notes to the Ryans - same birthdays, foot fetish references (among many other references), and some other clues. I suppose there's no 100% proof, but it seemed pretty conclusive to me.

I'm surprised it hasn't hit the news yet. Only a matter of time I guess.

l.e.s.ter said...

Amazing. And scary in the way it corroborates so much of what you say about the Interwebs. It explains how that video made it out into the world.

Redshirt said...

I thought the foot video was simply on Youtube. This Swinger website thing is a different matter entirely. One of the other "turn ons" for "ihaveprettyfeet" was exhibitionism, which could explain this entire affair - the Ryans are getting off on this! The Jet Bastids!

And yes - trust nothing on the internet you would not otherwise trust showing your family, or the cops, or an employer, etc. For instance, the detective skills of some folks out there are impressive. There was a video of a british lady throwing a cat in a trash can. Within a couple of hours (I watched this in real time), the internet sleuths had discovered who she was, where she lived, who she worked for, and the harassment had already begun.

Be afraid!