Black Hole Suns

Always in motion, remember. This here nifty .gif is a simulation of actual observed star orbits in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, and for my money, is some of the best proof of the existence of black holes.

Black holes are tricky to confirm, since they are, black, and you cannot see them. So we must infer them - above, you can see the years progressing as the stars orbit a central point of gravity. Based on the calculations of mass and speed of these stars, this gravitational point is extremely small and and extremely dense - the stars are whipping around it exceedingly fast. And this is entirely consistent with the strongly emerging theory that all galaxies are actually organized around massive black holes - stellar black holes that no doubt joined up with other stellar black holes, again and again, until they were just so massive, they drew all the remaining gas clouds and stars around them. As this matter gets drawn in, it spins, and thus we have our galaxies.

I have a working theory that black holes are even more pivotal to our entire reality than is now understood - black holes involved in the first moments of the creation of matter some milliseconds after the Big Bang. Only a theory though.

Here's some more good proof of the existence of supermassive black holes at the center of each galaxy - check out this gamma ray bulge, yo:
These bulges of highly energetic gas are streaming out of the poles of our black hole.  They're quite large too, as you can see.

Fascinating stuff, yes? That our entire universe is organized by a phenomena that is almost completely mysterious, and seems to point to extra-dimensional realities. It's good times for Cosmology.

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