Purity Patrol is in Pursuit

Some fun updates from the heated contest in NY-23. Dede Scozzafava (R) dropped out of the race this weekend, and at first was non-committal about what her supporters should do, but then on Sunday came out in support of the Democratic candidate in the race (Owen). The Offical RNC had backed Scozzafava, as did a few big name Rethugs, but plenty more came out in support of the Conservative Party candidate in the election, a creepy wingnut named Hoffman. Now that the (R) is out, the official RNC and laughable poster boy Michael Steele, as well as embarassed Newt, have swung their support to the Teabagger.

Who knows who will win -- it's a heavily conservative district that has voted Republican for about 120 years. Regardless, the Teabag/Wingnut/Nutjob Fundie takeover of the Repuglican party is now official and complete -- that is the only way to describe these events, where an actual Republican candidate is hounded out of running by Right Wing Nutjobs. The loathsome Michelle Malkin described Dede as a "radical leftist".

It's all so hilarious, the destruction these fools wage upon themselves in the name of ideological purity -- purity to an ideology that is dissonant in the extreme and makes no logical sense! That is, it's hilarious when these fools destroy themselves. Not so funny to consider they were running the nation just a short time ago, wreaking the same destruction on America and the world.

Also, to once again show how brilliant Obama is: There is an election in NY-23 only because Obama appointed the sitting Representative from NY-23, a REPUBLICAN, as Secretary of the Army (or something like that). That appointment directly caused this special election which in turn has shown a deep and seemingly unbridgeable rift in the Repuglican Party.

So you know,  I think this is going to go all "Way of The Whigs".

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